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Drum roll please: 3 acre division public hearing

The public hearing is about to begin on Supervisor Emmitt Marshall’s proposal to allow people to divide agricultural land into 3 acre lots once a year for a max of 10 in a lifetime.

And, I have to say, people do read the paper I guess. It has not been this packed in the county board room since they saved a battlefield on my first week on the job here in November 2006. I am not sure there is a seat left in here. If all of these folks speak, I am going to be up all night. Holy moly. 

I wonder what will happen. The meeting is now underway.  I doubt the results will make it into the newspaper because I have a real tight deadline so check this blog for the final results. I will do a full review of the meeting tonight on the blog if I cannot meet deadline.



  • lgross

    How are you able to blog from the BOS meeting?

  • dantelvock

    Oh Larry, that’s my little secret.

  • demosthenes

    Get that info up as soon as possible. Wish I could be there. Also, heard the EDA guy from Battlefield is stepping down after this term. Any idea who Pitts is putting in his place?

  • dantelvock

    No, I don’t But I can find out. You interested?

  • demosthenes

    I think Pitts is a wild card. Not yet sure what side of the line he’s on.
    Im interested in what the EDA can do for us, no necessarily being on it. Thanks for the good work.

  • caroldarby

    As of a week ago, Mr. Pitts said he was not supporting Emmitt’s proposal. I know Conners is against it and I assume Jackson will vote against it. I do not know where the others stand. Jerry — are you out there to weigh in on this? Thanks.