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EXTRA: Del. Mark Cole’s BPOL Tax Bill

Supervisor Benjamin Pitts read my blog about Del. Mark Cole’s BPOL Tax bill and had this response via e-mail:

I did read your BLOG on Del. Cole’s BPOL tax elimination proposal. As you indicated, if this proposal was to pass it would have a devastating financial affect on Spotsylvania County. It would surely have a negative affect the county’s ability to fund basic county services. The $4.9 million reduction would surely have a negative impact on education and public safety funding among others. I contacted Mr. Donald Hart (President, Virginia Association of Counties) earlier today asking that the Virginia Association of Counties take an immediate stance to strongly oppose Del. Cole’s proposal.


At the very least, Del. Cole should have realized what a negative impact his proposal would have on counties (election year or not.) Being a former county supervisor, I would have thought that Del. Cole would have been aware of the negative impact (maybe he doesn’t care). This proposal is just another example of an unfunded mandate passed onto local government by state government.


If Del. Cole wants to do something to help the economy and the average person maybe he should have considered a proposal where the Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles would suspend the vehicle registration fees for one year. Or better yet, Del. Cole’s proposal should have included a provision to repay local governments for their financial loss  from his proposal (we all know that will never happen).


Local government officials don’t want to be forced into raising anyone taxes. Del. Cole’s proposal will either force local governments to cut even further additional funding to vital services (education and pubic safety) or increase taxes. For state government to force local governments to raise taxes or cut services because they refuse to adhere to their own responsibilities, is poor public policy.


Supervisor Hap Connors also had a comment:




"Spotsy would have to slash $4.9M from schools and public safety if we were force fed the Cole Cuts being prepared at the House Deli.I will have more numbers for you to add to that as a result of other cuts being contemplated by Richmond. He should at least provide some offsetting revenue or authority to do it on our own – without raising property taxes."





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