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Just a resolution

I am finally here for a full day of work after three days of being ill. I remember the good old days when I never got sick. Today, I turn 35, and I can really feel it in my back, my legs, my head and my stomach.

The Board of Supervisors passed this resolution Tuesday night to the General Assembly, at the request of Supervisor Hap Connors. 

Here is the first page

Here is the second page




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  • lgross

    re: getting “old”…. you’ll get over it

    re: BOS Resolution

    Actually.. much better than I expected….

    what I was expecting was the standard ” it is a
    state responsibility so don’t cut funding”

    instead.. the resolution actually got into some
    things for legislators to at least consider.

    so Kudos to whoever came up with the specifics
    in the resolution. Any idea who did the content?

  • gramps

    and it is probably admirable in it’s purpose. However, I do not expect the “”folks” in Richmond to pay it much attention.

    Our elected legislators at the state and federal level are completely out of control. For this reason, I shall vote for NO incumbent at those levels of government. The only solution to our problems here is to get new “thinking” on the job. These career pols are doing more damage than good. I know that I may be quite lonely in this quest, but I must vote my conscience in the future. Otherwise, I am not sure my children and grandchildren will have a future.

  • lgross

    the problem is… you can’t really “opt out” on

    As imperfect as it is, it’s better than many 3rd
    world governments….

    and who knows… if Spotsylvania takes a
    principled stand… and then others do also…
    change can happen.. not as much as we want
    and not as soon as we want.. but change does
    happen -…. ask Mr. Bush…. and his would-be

  • gramps

    Hmmmm…I don’t think I said I was “opting out,” I said I was not voting for incumbents. This country needs new thinkers at all levels of our legislative process. If one does not agree with that , one is not paying attention to what is going on in Washington or Richmond. In Wash we are getting a “stimulus” bill that is absolutely “dripping” with FAT PORK…not very stimulating. And then in Richmond we have the likes of Mr. Cole and his stupid BPOL tax bill.