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Public debates allowing 3-acre rural lots

I chose four speakers from Wednesday night’s Planning Commission public hearing about the proposal to allow people to divide a 3-acre agricultural lot once a year. Each had a different point of view. Sorry that you can hear me rapidly typing in the background; I wasn’t trying to win some award for this. However, the video provides some idea of what people said if you missed the hearing on television or just weren’t interested in the subject enough to watch.




  • gramps

    a really controversial one. Marshall introduced it because he could, with little to no political backwash from his constituents. He did it to give back “by right” flexibility to large property owners. Other members of the BOS seem pretty much resolved to it because I think they took some heat from their constituents back when the “slow growth” drive moved them to limit “by right” development. It will only “heat” up, if passed, when the economy picks up and developers get interested in buying up some of that “by right” land. That is when the slow growth folks will start moaning and groaning.

  • dantelvock

    Gramps, a comment about what you were saying was made at this meeting. And a commissioner replied that no developer is going to buy up a lot of land if he could only divide a 3 acre lot once a year and only 10 in a lifetime. It just wouldn’t make financial sense for them, would it? Unless more zoning changes were made further down the road after this passed and sat on the books for a bit.

  • gramps

    I agree Dan, but the BOS has taken action in the past “that surprised some folks.” Hence, such zoning changes could happen. My point is, that only time will reveal the final outcome of this issue.