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Rural 3 acre zoning public hearing is Wednesday

The Planning Commission has a public hearing on Emmitt Marshall’s proposal for rural 3-acre zoning in agricultural-zoned land that currently allows 5- and 10-acre divisions. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. and this item is the only one on the agenda.

However, Mr. Marshall won’t be attending. He has a town hall meeting with Gary Skinner on the same day at Massaponax High School. Mr. Marshall has advocated for his 3-acre zoning proposal quite strongly, so it was surprising for some to hear that he will be having a town hall meeting on the same day the Planning Commission has the public hearing on his proposal. Which meeting does he want his constituents to attend?

The only reason Mr. Marshall said he wanted to allow the annual division of a 3-acre parcel was because he said people are hurting in this economy and selling off smaller amounts of land could help them make ends meet. Rural lots aren’t exactly selling like hot cakes right now, but you would only expect these people of whom he speaks will make their pleas at this public hearing Wednesday.