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Chamber members overwhelmingly support Spotsy joining VRE

The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce had 208 members respond to its survey on if Spotsylvania County should become members of Virginia Railway Express. Here is what the message on the Web site says:

The Chamber would like to extend a big thanks to all of you who took our online survey about whetherSpotsylvania County should join the Virginia Railway Express. A total of 208 took the survey on the VRE question.

·         169 favored seeing Spotsy join VRE – 81.3 percent

·         15 did not want Spotsy to join – 7.2 percent

·         24 did not know whether Spotsy should join – 11.5 percent

             For further breakdown of the poll results, click here.

The Chamber has about 1,100 members regionwide and about 400 in Spotsylvania. The Chamber plans to provide the Board of Supervisors with the results at a future meeting. 



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