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Budget-Finance staff do it again

The county is going to have to build a new structure just to house all of the awards the county’s budget and finance staff get each year.

Today, supervisors recognized Budget Manager Mary Sorrell, Financial Analyst Bonnie Jewel and Senior Budget Technician Holly Dove for being awarded a certificate of recognition and the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. This is the 11th year in a row they’ve been recognized. The Government Finance Officer’s Association sponsors the award. Deputy County Administrator Ernie Pennington said this is the highest form of recognition in government budgeting, a huge achievement for the finance staff.

To get the award, they had to publish a budget document that met certain criteria the GFOA uses for “a policy document, operations guide, financial plan and communication medium”

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  • lgross

    One of the biggest, positive changes in the
    Spotsy BOS is their focus of fiscal responsibility –
    and the huge benefits it has paid them in things
    like bond ratings and financing… and Planning

    Such a Change from previous boards that did a
    lot of flying by the seat of their pants.. …

    so yes – KUDOs – all the taxpayers in Spotsy owe
    the budget people some recognition for their

  • gramps