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Harrison Road Connector Pulled From Consent Agenda

Supervisors just pulled from the consent agenda the Harrison Road Connector without any explanation. The item was on the consent agenda to schedule a Dec. 9 public hearing for the condemnation of nine pieces of property owned by five people. The land is needed to begin construction of the 1.5-mile road near the Spotsylvania Towne Centre.

Supervisors may later discuss the item, but so far no one has told me why it was pulled from the consent agenda, and right now supervisors are meeting jointly with the School Board discussing the annual audit and financial report.

By the way, the auditors are saying that the results are some of the better ones they have ever seen. Reading through this audit is painful because it is not really returned to supervisors in a package that just anyone can understand. I looked at it and backed off. 

Outgoing County Administrator Randy Wheeler said the report shows the county’s accounting and fiscal management is very strong, and that helped the county weather the last 14 months. Right now, supervisors and school board members are patting each other on the back for the solid report. 


  • gramps

    Figures lie and liars figure…or something like that.

  • lgross

    “Management has elected to omit substantially
    all of the disclosures required by Generally
    Accepted Accounting Principles”

    and then read the rest of the paragraph…

    why this approach – as opposed to providing a
    short explanation so that people who wanted to –
    could understand?

    I’m not comfortable with audits that omit
    information ..on the premise that folks won’t
    understand it.. ESPECIALLY when it is essentially
    an audit that involves the financial operation that
    uses public tax dollars.

    Also – where does Spotsylvania RANK compared
    to other jurisdictions?

    That question was asked.. and not answered…