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and on and on and on……..

It’s 11:19 p.m. and the closed session continues. Supervisor Emmitt Marshall left hours ago. Supervisor Gary Jackson left about 15 minutes ago. Supervisors T.C. Waddy just left. And supervisors Benjamin Pitts and Gary Skinner have been sitting at their chairs here for the past 10 minutes. Meanwhile, supervisors Hap Connors and Jerry Logan remain in the closed session room with a host of lawyers talking about the Harrison Road Connector. I should have known it was going to be long when I saw a host of lawyers walk into the room. With that many lawyers, you won’t get much done in three hours. OK, that’s an attempt at a late-night joke.



  • gramps

    Dan, your sense of humor at that time of night is a lot better than mine would have been.

  • lgross

    The most distressing part of this is that everyone
    has ended up with a black eye – and deservedly

    Once the proffer deal was made with Cafaro, it
    was the county that should have taken the lead
    role ..especially in dealing with citizens….

    New roads are never easy and controversy
    usually a given.. as most folks don’t want a new
    road impacting their neighborhood.

    but turning over this process to a developer who
    had no touch with citizens and insufficient
    knowledge of Virginia law on CDAs and VDOT
    policies – was a mistake.

    Ultimately – the responsibility for this – belongs
    to the county – and hopefully… some lessons
    learned …as they’ve got other road projects from
    the bond money.. to do also.

    I still wonder why a C/D road with slip ramps to I-
    95 was not pursued which would have kept

  • lgross

    kept the road near the Interstate and away from

    VDOT was apparently adamantly opposed to this
    road being a C/D but the county would have
    been better off fighting VDOT rather than their
    own citizens IMHO.

    Also.. they needed to have a plan – for a
    bufffer/sound walls… and potentially adding slip
    ramps to I-95

    what happened here … is ..for any future road
    (like a route 3 bypass) .. the citizens will likely
    organize early on in opposition – as a result of
    the public perception of this debacle.

    having said this – no new road that impacts
    residential is going to be welcomed by those

    It’s a tough process.. Ballantrye is another…

    Spotsy did not plan roads when they approved
    growth and now the chickens are coming home to