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Vince Onorato Makes Appearance at Board Meeting

Former supervisor Vince Onorato made an appearance today and went through a laundry list of complaints he has with the current Board of Supervisors. Onorato won election in 2003, beating Mary Lee Carter. He lost after one term to current Supervisor Gary Skinner.

Onorato reminded supervisors that in 2006 he asked Cafaro Company when it first proposed the Community Development Authority concept to pay for the Harrison Road Connector if any people would be forced into the CDA and he said the response he got was "No they will not."

"Check the minutes," Onorato said.

Onorato said it is wrong not to follow the opinion from Attorney General Robert McDonnell that the current CDA ordinance does not legally exist because it has a clause in it that allows for a property owner to exit the CDA before assessments start. Supervisors have another closed meeting to discuss this CDA opinion and "potential litigation."

Onorato also mentioned something about holding secret meetings, but I didn’t clearly understand what he was talking about.

Onorato told County Administrator Randy Wheeler that he would be the "scapegoat." Onorato said he tried real hard to get a clause in Wheeler’s contract removed that would allow him to seek employment without first telling supervisors he was doing so. Onorato made the request last year and the vote was 4-3 not to remove the clause.

Last month, supervisors decided to remove the clause.

He criticized Mary Lee Carter, who is now a planning commissioner. He applauded Supervisor Gary Jackson for being the only supervisor who is truly following smart-growth principles.  

Onorato said overtime in the Utilities Department is rampant and there should be an audit.

And finally, he said naming rights to areas of Patriot Park should be left solely for Spotsylvania residents who died while serving this county or country, such as war soldiers, deputies and firemen. To do anything else would be disservice to those who already have their names attached to the park.

The supervisors had a consent agenda item to name a field in the park after Michael E. "Bobo" Marshall Jr., a 32-year-old water treatment operator who died while at work. Supervisors decided to send the proposal back to the Parks and Recreation Committee for reconsideration. 

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  • thelama

    It was weird seeing Vince on TV in the Board room standing and not sitting behind the Board desk. I never knew how pudgy he was/is, or how short! Is he officially classified as a dwarf? Or little person?

  • dantelvock

    not nice at all. May have to delete this comment. Be nice please.