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Randy Wheeler Says He Is Not Job Hunting

County Administrator Randy Wheeler never liked the clause in his contract that says he is an exclusive employee of the county, so he cannot seek another job without first informing supervisors. The clause is "extremely unusual" according to a professor I interviewed for this story. Last time, supervisors split on Wheeler’s request to remove the clause from his contract.

But tonight, they are going to take it out. In a short interview last week, Wheeler said he is not looking for a new job, has no intentions of looking for a new job, and no one has told him to start looking for a new job.

Wheeler has had three closed-session performance reviews over the past few months. This change in his contract is an obvious decision made during a closed session. Wheeler each year has asked for it to be removed, and now the supervisors are finally going to do it.

The supervisors are removing the same clause in the contract for County Attorney Jacob Stroman. They will also change Stroman’s contract to accrue annual and sick leave at the same rate as Wheeler. The rate is not specified and the full contracts are not included on the agenda.


  • glasshouse

    stroman and cosner have much in common. I would like to put them in a room together for 24 hours. The world would be a better place.

  • gramps

    for both Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Stroman. Be our guest and do us all a favor, GO LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB…QUICKLY!