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Well-Organized Hunting Clubs Dominate Debate

The Associated Press is covering today’s Game and Inland Fishers Board meeting about the Hunting With Hounds study in Richmond. Here is a blip from their update: 


Right-of-retrieval’ law stirs debate  


Associated Press

   RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ Virginia’s “right-to-retrieve” law allowing hunters to pursue their dogs on privately posted lands is being staunchly defended by dozens of sportsmen.

   At a hearing Thursday in Richmond, about 150 people showed up for a meeting of the board of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to speak out on proposed changes in hunting with hounds in Virginia.

   Of the more than 25 people who spoke, few spoke in favor of a proposal to amend the state’s right-to-retieve law _ the most absolute in the nation.

   The board did not act on a set of proposals involving hunting with hounds. Some proposals will require legislative approval, such as changes to the right-to-retrieve law.

   Hound hunters say they need immediate access to land when their dogs are running to ensure the animals’ safety.


  • gramps

    completely TRAMPLES over landowners constitutional rights. However, it will NEVER be overturned by studies like the one that led to this hearing. The deck is stacked.