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Detailed Agenda A Must

The Texas attorney general wrote an opinion this month that states government bodies must have detailed agendas before all meetings under that state’s open meeting laws. You can read the opinion here. The attorney general says meeting agendas must include subjects that will be up for discussion. Items like "county administrator’s report" is not acceptable because "the general and generic nature of the notice does not sufficiently notify a reader, as a member of the interested public, of the subjects of the update and reports to be discussed at any particular meeting."

This opinion has no effect here in Virginia, but I found it interesting enough to share with you.

The county agenda is usually pretty specific until you get to "report of the Board of Supervisors" and then it’s a big mystery. This is the portion of the meeting when supervisors have come up with some pretty serious requests. For example, during this part of the meeting is when Supervisor Emmitt Marshall asked staff to provide options of ways to change the current 10-acre lot rural zoning to 3-acre lot rural zoning.


  • gramps

    I wonder what the Virginia Atty General’s opinion is regarding the Spotsy BOS meeting agenda policy?

  • MD45

    move to spotsylvania and run for office then you will see it is hard work to try to do what is right, bet you would crumbel.