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Hunting With Hounds Update

The Game and Inland Fisheries Board meets tomorrow where it will hear the results of the Hunting with Hounds Study. You can see the agenda here.

The debate pits hunters against some private property owners. One of the larger issues is retrieving the dogs on private property. In Virginia, it is called the Right To Retrieve law and there is no other law like it in the state.  Hunters believe their tradition is under attack. The public comment meetings have been emotional. I went to one in Caroline County. Keep in mind there was a correction to the article for Bruce Lee. Here is his e-mail:


I said one group routinely turns loose dogs on 6 acres where they have permission and that our club has 500 acres nearly adjoining and the dogs wind up hunting our 500 acres.  I was trying to make the point that a minimum contiguous acres needs to be addressed. I would support modification to the right to retrieve law. I would support minimum contiguous acres. I would support a limit on pack size according to acreage a club leases or owns.

 It is unclear if the Board will take action, but it does not meet again until February 2009. The Humane Society ran a huge ad in the Richmond paper today against hunting with hounds, saying the dogs are too often abandoned when they cannot keep up with the other dogs. I’ve covered that problem here several times.