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The Scoop on Luck Stone

As I reported in my blog earlier, Luck Stone wants to expand its Smith Station-Leavells mining operation on 28 acres. But what I found out later is they also want to pause the mining at its Massaponax site.

You may or may not be surprised that these quarries don’t employ a whole lot of people. Six people work at the Massaponax plant, and Luck Stone said it hopes to absorb those employees at one of its other plants in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. The gloom and doom of the building industry affects so many other businesses, and Luck Stone is one.

A story with some more details and hopefully a map of the area they want to mine on will be in the newspaper tomorrow. On Wednesday, I am going to the Smith Station site to see how a quarry operates. When Luck Stone officially files the special use permit to expand its mining operations, and it makes it to the Planning Commission, I will roll out the video of how a quarry works. Hopefully, I get to see some serious blasting. Sorry nearby homeowners.  


  • lgross

    Blasting was one of the major fru fru
    controversies the first time around.

    The opponents had folks living at existing
    quarries come testify about how the blasting
    cracked their plaster and woke their babies, etc.

    I don’t live around there but my impression is
    that the “blasting” is fairly muffled and quiet and
    not the “big boom” type.

  • dantelvock

    I guess I shall find out and let the readers know. Stay tuned

  • postoak

    it’s not the “big boom” as some people think! should come by and take a visit! may change your perception!

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