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Not A Bear

I have a firm belief that this story is not right. I saw the grainy video. It was no bear. It was Bigfoot.

It’s Friday, folks. I have one story to write and then I am gone. Karen Bolipata, who sits next to me, is still laughing about having to write that story. 

Considering I already wrote three goofy bear stories this year (and I carted off a dead deer, too) and there was an ominous cloud hanging over this place on a weekend when the Fredericksburg dispatchers failed to tell me there was a bear sighting somewhere in the city and the Washington Post wrote some silly story about it, I figured we’d have learned our lesson about chasing goofy bear stories, certainly chasing a goofy bear story from a newspaper that doesn’t cover this city unless there is a bear of course in the city.

I am the bear expert here, folks. And that was no bear.

Have a good weekend everyone!  


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  • Phillip

    Great stuff. is killer.