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Summit Crossing Comp Plan Amendment

There is a public hearing tonight for Tricord’s Summit Crossing’s comprehensive plan amendment. The agenda for the planning commission was not online all week. Of course, the planning commission only makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors so their decisions are not final. But a light bulb just popped in my head tonight.

Last night, supervisors voted 5-2 not to extend the primary settlement boundary in the update to the comp plan, a guide for growth. That plan has not been approved yet, after two years of work, but it is getting close.  Supervisor Jerry Logan and Supervisor Gary Skinner voted against the motion from Supervisor Benjamin Pitts to take out the recommendation to expand the boundary. I am going off the cuff here so I cannot remember how many acres were in the expansion. 

Part of the expansion would have added the 57 acres for which Tricord is seeking the comp plan amendment tonight, as part of its rezoning of more than 900 acres for Summit Crossing. No matter what, Tricord has to seek a comp plan amendment because the current comp plan finished in 2002 does not have these 57 acres in the primary settlement boundary, where growth is targeted. Now, the update to the comp plan won’t jive with this project, or at least this portion of it, if it is approved. It’s an interesting development that may or may not have any meaning whatsoever. Interesting enough, these 57 acres are where Tricord proposes the job center.

Whatever happens tonight I will write for the Spotsylvania Extra section of the newspaper for next week.  Just remember, the request for a comp plan amendment is not a rezoning. It is just another step a developer must take when their project does not fit the comp plan guide. If this passes, then it would go to the supervisors for a decision. After that, then there is the rezoning process. Two different processes. I don’t see a lot of action here for the public hearing, as no one is really here. But that could be because the agenda was never published online. 


  • southwest

    Thank you Supervisor Pitts for taking the lead and make the motion to put a stop to uncontrolled growth in Spotsylvania County.