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County not disclosing Animal Control investigation report

Last week, we made a request for the internal investigative report of an Animal Control case. Background on the story can be found here and here.  

In summary, an Animal Control officer euthanized a dog, and the owners were never notified about the incident. An internal investigation was conducted, and it concluded with the firing of the animal control officer. We requested the investigative report to see what went wrong and what the findings were. 

We received five pages of documents, most of which I already had. A total of 21 pages of documents were withheld, according to the letter from Deputy County Administrator Ernie Pennington. He said 16 records pertain to the employment history of the animal control officer, the internal investigation of the Sept. 8 incident and the determinations made and action taken by the Animal Control Department.  Five of the records are withheld because they are written legal advice and attorney-client privileged documents.



  • gramps

    where the “employees” do not want the “employers” (i.e. us tax payers) to know the details of their actions. Having said that, there may be good reason to withhold atty/client info.