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Overtime and fuel overruns

A few departments ran over budget in fiscal year 2008 that closed in July.

The Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office went over budget by 1.9 percent, or $29,871, for office supplies, furniture and fixtures for the new Child Abuse Response Team, juror/witness expenses and training.

The Sheriff’s Office had the largest budget overrun by money alone, with $246,719 or 1.4 percent. This was due to fuel costs and overtime. During budget discussions, supervisors questioned the sheriff on the policy allowing deputies to drive the cruisers home. The policy allowing this was kept intact. 

Fire and Rescue went over budget by $168,022 or 1.3 percent because of fuel costs and overtime.

Animal Control went over $12,501 or 1.1 percent because of overtime and vet care expenses.

Refuse Collection went over $24,767 or 1.2 percent because of fuel and overtime.

Recycling and Litter Control went over $31,070 or 7.7 percent because more residents participated in the Household Hazardous Waste program

Building and Grounds went over by $170,554 or 14.2 percent because of increases in utility costs.  

The Motts Run Water Plant went over $64,091 or 3.3 percent because of chemical, fuel and electrical costs.  

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