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A few months ago Supervisor Jerry Logan had asked me how popular this blog is. He’s a regular reader (Hi Jerry) and even has commented once or twice here. Supervisor Hap Connors is a regular readers; County Administrator Randy Wheeler is not.  

I asked the Web folks if they could run down the hits for me and here is the report:

You were the top blogger in July with 1,711 hits. Your most popular post was "No active investigation of Marshall" with 588 hits. And 293 hits went to your archives.

Aug: You were the top blogger in August with 1,967 hits. Your most popular post was "PETA speaks out in hunting dog case" with 476 hits. 167 hits went to your blog archives.

Sept: September is kinda tricky. We changed the name of your blog to make it a bit shorter, so you have two numbers for Sept. After the name change, you got 1,264 hits. Before the name change you had 263 hits. And 333 hits went to your blog archives. You were the 2nd most popular blogger for Sept. after Clay Jones. The month is not over yet, so the numbers will kep going up, but your most popular post so far is: "Stars and bars part 2" with 56 hits.


  • johnfgustafson

    I am also a regular reader. This is the first place I go when I log into the FLS website. If you want to know more details, or more personal accounts, of what is going on in Spotsylvania, you have to be a regular reader. Good job, Dan.

  • Fredtastic

    Dan, you do a great job of staying on top of stories in Spotsy. I’m not surprised you are at the top. You have regular updates as well so that probably helps too. The supervisors need to know that there are many concerned citizens out there watching closely. You are keeping us informed, so keep up the good work. And continue to keep an eye on Strohman – I don’t trust that guy for a second.

  • gramps

    I “ditto” the previous comments.