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ZIP Codes mailing addresses

The weirdest thing happened just a minute ago. I had just finished writing a short brief on the fact that supervisors decided last week to scrap plans to start the process of changing ZIP code mailing addresses for 22407 and 22408. Both of those ZIP codes use a "Fredericksburg" mailing address. There is concern that this problem was leading to sales tax and other taxes going to the city.

Anyway, I wrote the brief and then moved on to another story I am doing, which required me to search some past board minutes. And the very first thing I see is this from the Board of Supervisors Meeting, January 27, 2004, Minutes 2:

Mike McMahon, 15104 Cedar Lane, Livingston District, said that taxes on his phone bill were being sent to the City of Orange because he had an Orange post office address, but he said he lived in Spotsylvania. He said when he registered at the Division of Motor Vehicles that his address was listed as Orange and he was told by the Verizon telephone company that he would need to go to the Virginia Legislature to get the locality to which his taxes were changed. He said the taxes of those living near him were going to the City of Orange as well.

Pretty weird, eh? 

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