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Grow Hops

This has nothing to do with my beat, but I have a business idea. I need someone with 100 acres. I want to grow hops. The business is exploding.

There is a global shortage of hops, which is a prime ingredient in beer. The prices of hops are surging upward. Now, I really do not know if hops can even survive in this climate because it is typically grown in the Pacific Northwest. But farmers are harvesting it in New York, so I imagine it can grow here. Does Spotsylvania have a hops farmer?

Germany produces the most hops, according to a Wall Street Journal article. The United States is second. That article states hops by the pound sell for $20 to $30, up from $5 a few years ago.

So, if there are struggling farmers out there, and with the way things are now I am sure there are some, growing hops might help revenues.  




  • cod

    I’m not sure about growing hops, but if you want to consume some hops join us at the Fredericksburg Blogger Happy Hour on Thursday at 6 PM at J Brians. We need a stand in for the usual FLS attendee who will be working :)

  • dantelvock

    COD, I also have to work Thursday night. Sorry. We reporters don’t have cozy hours, you know? :)

  • johnpb

    hey dan,
    i am a fledgling hops farmer in spotsy- currently have 22 vines of 3 types which will be at minimum doubled for next year. ironically enough you spoke to me yesterday for the disc golf story.

    john b

  • dantelvock

    John! Looks like we need to talk! Let’s get together for a feature. Cool story