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The Unknown

After Tuesday’s closed session, supervisors approved $285,000 in incentives for some unknown business to expand.

The agreement is to provide the company with $250,000 up front and $7,000 per year for the next five years if the company adds a minimum of four full-time employees per year with a salary equal to the market rate for the position. The company must also remain in the county for 10 years and maintain at least 50 employees. The money comes from the Economic Development Incentive Fund.

Now, remember in December when supervisors approved $400,000 in incentives for a Fortune 50 company that distributes health-care products that was considering investing about $50 million for a warehouse near the site of Spotsylvania’s first hospital? That proposal has apparently died. Back then, county staff and supervisors said they had no idea who the company was, and had very limited information about the proposal. Since that day in December, there has not been a peep about it. 

A person called me today and reminded me of this incentive offer. The caller thought it was odd that the county offers $250,000 up front to a very small company, and only $150,000 more to a huge Fortune 50 company that was considering spending $50 million here. There was competition for the Fortune 50 company, but no one in this region has made any huge announcement.


Meanwhile, the Blue and Gray Brewery is considering moving to the city for an expansion. The company has had a public hearing before the city Planning Commission to move to the city’s industrial park, but the city rejected giving the company incentives to expand there. If the brewery moves, it would be the second business to leave the county this year to expand in the city. Time to fill the Growler!




  • gramps

    dear leaders have champagne tastes and a beer budget.