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Patriot Park Gets Great Reviews

When there is a fifth Tuesday in the month, officials in the region meet at a specific location for dinner. Last night, the meeting was at Patriot Park, and we were all fed by Virginia Barbecue. I ate a piece of chicken, a side of ribs and a sandwich, all of which did not settle well when I got home. Plus, it was damn hot out there.

Officials from Fredericksburg, King George and Stafford attended. They loved Patriot Park, and gave kudos to Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Brooks and David Breeden, who works in Capital Projects.

The park has some interesting characteristics that I will highlight in a story that will run in next Tuesday’s edition of Spotsylvania Extra. I have to say, the vast park is beautiful, and the county got such an amazing deal on the 134 acres. Once I get my back repaired I hope to run the 3.1 miles of trails there.

One problem discussed last night is how the park is somewhat secluded. I bet there are people who live in this county who still don’t know this park exists. It is next to the YMCA on Smith Station Road, and you can get to it from Massaponax Church Road, too. The park has basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields and an amphitheater, at which four concerts were held this summer.

Brooks and Breeden said Rappahannock Construction took great pride in the project, evident by its appearance and quality. Look out for the story next week.



  • lgross

    The park IS a wonderful addition to the county.

    but the trails were done very badly – apparently by someone who does not know how to “do” trails.

    basically.. they ran a bulldozer back through the woods and then used a chipper to grind up the trees that were cleared for the park and put that stuff on the bulldozed trails.

    If you’ve ever walked on that material.. you’ll know that it’s not good walking.. and even worse for jogging or running.

    “real” trails need more than bulldozing and chipping.

    Good trails need a durable, firm surface… not chipped wood…

  • cod

    The dugouts are not covered, so the coaches are bringing tarps and creating some shade for the kids during the games. There is nothing like a little shanty town ambiance to add to the feel of a baseball game. Also, the landscaping around the backstops looks good today, but how long will it survive being trampled by kids running around outside of the fields? I would have much rather seen the landscaping budget cut back and real dugouts included in the plan.

  • thjeffersonfan

    nice attempt at a good park–all the pieces are there, but are not refined. The dugouts, SWM pond fencing, and location and direction of orientation for the baseball fields are all lacking. the site used to be solid trees–why didn’t we preserve more than around parking lots and ball fields? that would have cut down on landscaping costs and kept MATURE trees.

    just some thoughts.

  • dantelvock

    The chain link fence to the pond was an odd touch, but that’s in the county’s current design standards: ponds must be fenced with chain link fences. Don’t ask me.

    As for the dugouts, I never realized it. As for the trails, that is unfortunate. I used to run on the city’s canal path and I think it ruined my body. Where can a guy run around here?

    I shall pass these comments over to the parks director.

  • lgross

    the trails have good potential..but this practice of throwing down wood chips and calling it “trail” needs to be re-considered.

    and I agree about the clearing of trees… it’s too late but what the heck is wrong with leaving a FEW trees especially around the parking lots?

    That park looks like someone turned lose a bunch of bulldozers and just laid bare the landscape rather than creating a pleasant treed .. “park”… a place where folks would want to stroll and enjoy … nature.

    it’s always easy to criticize and monday-morning quarterback so.. I’ll finish up by giving them credit for doing some good things.. the ball fields and a “pod” type design and of course the outside stage.

    one thing that would help.. would be a trail map… and trail head markers…