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No Active Investigation of Marshall

Commonwealth’s Attorney William Neely said today that his office is not actively investigating the actions of Supervisor Emmitt Marshall relating to this story. Neely said if someone has evidence, he will review it.

Spotsylvania Animal Hospital veterinarian Katherine Siefker and some who work with her accused Marshall this week of getting involved in an animal control case to help his son’s friend and that he was allegedly pressuring people not to press any charges.

Marshall denied the charges, and said he acted like a gentleman.

Also, the County Attorneys Office, led by Jacob Stroman, has taken itself out of the dog ownership case scheduled for tomorrow.  An attorney from the Hanover County Attorneys Office will handle representation of the Animal Control Department. Stroman cited a conflict of interest in his decision to not handle the case. 


  • gramps

    and conflicts of interest. That is absolutely no surprise to me.

  • anjlkst06

    It’s who you are or who you know!!!!!! What a shame!

  • 1958

    well the buddy buddy system is hard at work and doing very MR Marshel knows more then trained vets do about dogs,By the way how many parks are named after him in spotsy, does that not count for somthing for him to do what ever he likes

  • Alliecatz

    Well obviously the vet is trained, just not in working hounds. However there was a vet in court, a dog warden, info from other vets, and others well versed in hunting hounds as well as several other knowledgeable witnesses. Did it ever occur to you that MAYBE, just MAYBE you don’t know the whole story? Then again, since the FLS neglected to tell all that I don’t guess you would know now would you? Jake Payne given his dogs back because the evidence did NOT prove neglect. Maybe the evidence will prove that some of the things that have been stated as things Mr. Marshall suposedly said will ring untrue as well. What the hell ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I think Mr. Marshall has recieved numerous complaints regarding the animal control from citizens and I think its time he looked