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I feel like I have done this before

It feels like this is the 10th time that I have decided to go to a hearing or meeting on the highway corridor overlay districts and new proposed design standards. Right now, I am waiting for the Planning Commission public hearing to begin. I’ve written a few stories about these proposals, none of which made it to front page news. They didn’t even make the regional news page.

But the discourse has been explosive at times. I just heard one of the planners say that they may delete all of the rural overlay districts, something Supervisor Hap Connors stated on this blog that he had planned to ask planners to do. If you want background on all of this, there are plenty of archived blog posts about it.

County Administrator Randy Wheeler is here in casual attire. He is sitting next to me. He just told me he has never read my blog, to which I replied "that’s rude."

"It wasn’t meant to be," he said.

It is interesting he is here tonight. When I asked him why he is here, he said "just to watch." This is the first time I recall ever seening him at a Planning Commission meeting. He just happens to be attending one that could have some fireworks. We’ll see.

I probably won’t stay for the whole thing tonight because my back is killing me. MRI showed bulging right disc which means I cannot run until someone fixes this! Not good. I could use some independent citizen journalists to cover this for me tonight.