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Do it all over again, again

The Planning Commission voted 7-0 to continue the public hearing on the design standards. Why? It appears that a new public hearing advertisement is probably necessary because there are so many new changes to the proposals in an effort to appease the development community.

For example, staff today proposed that developers would have to meet 65 percent of the design standards. That is down from 75 percent proposed at the last public hearing, and 85 percent that was originally proposed. Now, there’s chatter about getting rid of the entire list of design standards, called a design matrix.

County planners held a meeting Monday with developers, the Committee of 500 and two planning commissioners were present. The press was not invited. Apparently, this was a groundbreaking, widely attended meeting.


  • siewillow

    In my opinion, if you were there then somene wouldn’t be able to feed you info such as ….it was “well attended”. Well attended ? By whom?All the members of the CO 500? County planning Staff? I quess they ment by those CHOSEN to attend.

    What I want to know and have wanted to know all along is just WHO are these “developers” that are often references as “having been involed” in this matter all along. They must be suffering from identity crisis by now. How many of them where there? One,two,three,1000′s

    And of course last but not least..Id like to know if they handed out any gifts like at a Tupperware type party… you know like back scratchers.

    And they wonder or maybe they don’t ..why some people get the impression that ‘public hearings” are just for show..

  • siewillow

    Please excuse the typos in my seems I can not type and spell at the same time.LOL

  • dantelvock

    Those are some intense questions I cannot answer. However, I will say that they had another one of those meetings today, and I was invited this time, but I didn’t go because I am tired of hearing about this stuff and I had a doctor’s appointment.