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Hugh Cosner Explodes At Planners

As promised, I am going through the videos of most of the speakers at the community meeting two weeks ago about highway overlay districts and the design standards. Hugh Cosner, a local landowner, criticized planners and the proposals for 15 minutes. I had to chop the video up into three parts because it was so long. Just a warning, at times, he was yelling, and it may hurt your ears. He also talks about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the meeting, but I didn’t have time to edit it all out. Enjoy. (Unfortunately, I cannot add the third part of his speech. I will try tomorrow.)






  • lgross

    is because if you listen to the others in the business community – like the Silver’s and the Tridcords – you did not hear strong support but rather somewhat muted with some “concerns”.

    It is my view that the process should have as a goal – a “sweet spot” of citizen + business support.

    You won’t satisfy everyone but if you get some reasonable consensus – even if there have to be some mutal toad-swallowing.. you make progress.

    The goal of Design Standards should not start out assuming that the business community will be opposed.

    The goal -should be to find what a good representation of the business community will support.

    Remember, we’re not talking about residential growth here – virtually every business in Spotsy, good,bad, uglly contributes to our tax base bottom line.

  • johnfgustafson

    I have lived here nearly 30 years. When I first arrived here from D.C., I heard the locals pleading for at least some of the conveniences that I had always taken for granted. Very few people could have pulled this off, and even fewer were willing to take the chance. Hugh Cosner stepped up and started making things happen, and he has never stopped. He has vision, passion, and the mind of a sharp businessman. Yet with all his success and popularity, he remains a humble man, but a man who still has incredible drive and ambition. We are a better community because of Hugh Cosner, and he’s not about to slow down now either.

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