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So What did Chris Hornung Say?

In my blog here you can see that Supervisor Hap Connors commented about what Silver Companies’ Chris Hornung said during Wednesday’s community meeting on the overlay districts and design standards. Like I said, I recorded almost every speaker. Since Hornung was mentioned, I will post his entire video.

Excuse the slight fuzziness of the picture, I have no idea what is going on with my camera. So I present to you, Chris Hornung:






  • lgross

    This confirms my earlier opinion.

    This is NOT a ringing endorsement of the process nor the work product.

    It is instead, a dispassionate, polite and somewhat courageous offering of areas that need more work – that perhaps could have been done prior to the public hearing. Of course the public hearing itself is a feedback mechanism to be folded back into the work – but the hearing is often a venue for those who perhaps did not have an opportunity to participate in the first place and when folks like Silver Company say what Chris did – at the end of the process – to me it indicates less than due diligence.

    No developer in the area has done more to try to improve the development climate by listening to the public and trying to do, – and this is important – cost-effective responses when they could.

  • hapconnors

    I didn’t say that Hornung endorsed it; I said that he confirmed my belief, which is documented by ULI, that good design is good business by saying that Silver’s better designed projects command higher rents.

    In addition, the evolution of these standards go back two years. Ric Goss, then planning director, initiated them. The Silvers gave their Harrison Crossing design guide to the county, which Goss incorporated. Subsequent meetings with developers and others were held, and modifications made. So, now it’s two years later and we’ll continue to listen and modify, but I’m committed to passing something soon. The point is that developers have been involved throughout.