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Shop Spotsylvania VA

Supervisor Jerry Logan had a regular message during this past budget and that was: Shop in Spotsylvania County.

Well, that mandate has made it into the world of bumper stickers, thanks to the Spotsylvania Economic Development Department. The campaign costs about $1,000 in phase one.

Why does it benefit local residents to shop locally? The state returns to each locality 1 percent of the state sales tax collected in that locality.  The more you shop at Spotsylvania stores, the more revenue the county gets.

Tuesday, supervisors got their bumper stickers, and here is what they look like:







  • lgross

    The zip code kerfuffle in Henrico ended up with Richmond (the loser) claiming that Henrico (the winner) was not a “team player” when it came to Regionalism.

    How many abandoned, semi-abandoned, neglected commercial strip and venues exist in the Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg area adding to what amount to a blighted appearance that invites more neglect and vandalism?

    I don’t blame Spotsylvania one bit especially since Fredericksburg has .essentially feasted on prior years tax receipts showing little if any remorse.. much less using this as an opportunity to pursue a more unified Regional approach to commercial development.

    Look at the mess at I-95/Route 3 – caused mostly by a commercial arms race between the city and the county – to the detriment of both as this is what many visitors first see.