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Important Meetings

There are three important meetings for this coming week.

The first set of meetings are on June 4 and June 5 and involve the possibility of changing ZIP code mailing addresses to prevent businesses from accidentially sending their tax information to the wrong locality. Here is some background about the subject of the meetings.

Here is some background on why it may be controversial for some. Here is a flier about the meetings and the locations of both. Here is information from the Post Office on its study in Henrico County.


The other meeting is on Wednesday June 11 at Courtland High School. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. This is a community meeting about Expanded Highway Corridor Overlay Districts and Enhanced Design Standards Manual Amendment for Commercial and Industrial Design Standards. You can get some background about this stuff here.


I will be at two of the three meetings. Come say hello. I am apparently the guy who always looks mad, as former Supervisor Chris Yakabouski once said to me. Really, I don’t bite, and I’m not mad. I actually will do whatever I can to help any of our readers/residents and government folk with getting information out. And I will try to smile more :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



  • lgross

    I notice that the RTD in discussing the Henrico Zip Code change is quoting some folks as saying that this kind of thing “hurts” regionalism…

    yup.. it sure hurts when the taxes from Spotsylvania citizens are given to another jurisdiction and then the county has to raise the tax rate to make up for the loss…

    so.. it’s “anti-regional” to make Spotsylvania citizens whole on the taxing issue?

  • thatguyb

    Sometimes I stand here dazed at what gets proposed. Wouldn’t it be easier to educate Spotsy businesses and remind their accountants where they have to pay taxes? This isn’t a unique situation, Albemarle county surrounding the City of Charlottesville uses the c’ville name on most of it’s zips. It makes sense for businesses to put the name of the closest major city, somewhere you can probably find a study on the financial benefits. If I want to hire someone, and they have a “F’burg, VA” then I know they’re in the surrounding area. WOW, instead of making the simple pamplet mailing/telephone calls, lets go revamp mail distro in the area…. Have fun at the meetings, can’t wait for the blog posts.

  • dantelvock

    Not sure it is that simple, ThatGuyB. Hopefully, someone at these meetings clearly explains the problem to those who attend.