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Prime Office Space?

In my mojo-ing today I came across this building (I come across it a lot actually) and I decided to stop and take a couple of pictures of it. The builder gave it an appearance of a small red-brick castle

I have no idea who built this or when it was built. Apparently, a military antique store once occupied it. Now, it looks empty.  

Come on history buffs, help me out here: What’s the history of this place?

The 13-acre lot is for sale. I tried calling the number listed, but no one answered. The lot is blocked so you cannot pull up to it. I wanted to check the back of the building to see what it looked like. No luck.

Any way, here are two pictures:









  • siewillow

    Looks like the former Stars and Bars Military Aniques store that was ,once owned perhaps orignially, by a Craig Carroll and his wife. The later used to serve on the Spotsy Historic Pres. Commission if my memory serves me correctly.
    I believe the FLS did a story on it years ago, perhaps you should check out the paper’s library.

  • thjeffersonfan

    I believe that at some point that facility was raided by local government and the NPS for tax issues and antiquities law violations. Sometime in the 1980s?

  • Rob Lake

    Yes, Craig Carroll and his then-wife, Brenda Carroll, built it back in 1979. It was constantly under construction- I remember the turrets being empty shells without roofs in 1980 and 1981.
    There was also a “secret” basement entrance on the western side toward the middle of the building. I say “secret” because it looked like a 3-foot by 6-foot trapdoor in the middle of twhat served as a dining room.
    And, yeah; they got raided. Nothing ever came of it, though. No convictions.