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Turtles Galore

This has nothing to do with Spotsylvania Government, but I went for a jog today (Please don’t tell my physical therapist; I am not supposed to be running until they get my hamstring and IT-band fixed) on the Canal Path in Fredericksburg.

I saw 18 turtles in the water. I haven’t seen that many turtles since I went to visit a friend in Florida last year and we tubed down this clear-water stream.

I also saw some colorful ducks and very tiny baby ducks farther down the path. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I might go back tomorrow to see if the turtles are still out and about. If they are, I will post a video here. They were literally everywhere.

Too bad the water is so dirty–and I mean it’s very dirty and the odor is pretty bad in spots. 

Now, the turtles may be common knowledge to regulars here, but I found it to be quite the spectacle. I once stopped on U.S. 522 in Front Royal to help a baby turtle cross the road, and I almost got hit by a Mack truck. 

Don’t fret. I can connect this to Spotsy Government: While running, I came across Supervisor Hap Connors, who finished a race and kept on going. Apparently, he’s running 7 minute miles, which is very, very good.

Anyone else see the turtles? I run that path several times a week and I have never seen them out.