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Site Maps For May

I will try to do this on a regular basis, just to keep track of proposals in the county. I hope someone finds the information useful:

Special Use Permit Case No: SUP08-0006 

Wilbum Gardens Assisted Living Facility 

Emeritus Corporation 3 13 1 Elliott Ave Seattle, WA

Owner: Hcri Wilbum

Llc 1 Seagate # 1500 Toledo, 0H43604- 1590

Location: Route 694, Courtland District

Tax Map Parcel #: 13- A – 47N 

The property is currently zoned C-2.  The site plan did not state the acres of the property.


Application #: ST08-003 1 

Project Name: Commonwealth Center

Applicant: Bikan Octain

Owner: Octain Professional Center LLCLocation: Route 1, in the Lee Hill District, 32,957 acres

Tax Map Parcel #: 35- A – 91-

Currently Zoned C-3