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Blasting Warning

The county government is warning residents today that some blasting will occur for the Wishner gravity sewer line project. Property owners who live within a football field of the blasting areas got letters in the mail.

Today, the blasting will occur near the Ni River, east of the Dominion Power transmission line (which I am sorry to say I don’t know where that is at this current moment. I checked my map, too, and didn’t see it).  This blasting and drilling is expected to continue for several weeks.

On June 1, the blasting will begin near Plantation Forest Drive. This is off Courthouse Road near where the new bypass is located. Here is a portion of the county press release:  

When a detonation is set off, residents near the area may experience minor vibrations or rattling in homes.  Any resident with questions about this project is invited to contact R. Wayne Brooks, Construction Manager, Spotsylvania County Utilities Department, by emailing or calling 540-507-7305.