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Are you over taxed?

I said I was going to put this online yesterday, but I got a little busy with that video camera again. Charles Tuck, a member of the Web-page-less Citizens Watchdog Budget Advisory Committee, gave this letter to supervisors Tuesday during the public presentation portion.

Keep in mind, the headline of his paper is incorrect. He meant to say Spotsylvania had the highest percentage increase.

There’s a few other things Tuck left out, too. One being that his own tax bill dropped and that he appealed his assessment and won. There’s a local effort among the conservative anti-tax folks to criticize the supervisors who approved the 62-cent tax rate this year, which is a 6-cent tax increase.

Anyway, read the letter here. I shall await TheLamas rebuttal. 




  • lgross

    It’s a good thing Charles does not live in Stafford!


    Here’s what we don’t know that I think we need to know to be able to make a informed judgment about our taxes.

    We don’t know how Spotsylvania compares to other counties on a per-capita costs for services.

    How would we compare on schools, public safety, administration, etc – on a cost-per-capita basis.

    And even then, that’s only 1/2 of the story because the other half is the quality/quantity of our levels of service for these functions.

    for instance, some counties might have a much lower per capita cost for EMS but they don’t have 24/7 coverage and their average response time is worse.

    Coming up with that data would be not easy but a worthy role for a citizen group concerned about the budget and taxes IMHO.

  • dobreshunka

    Stop giving this Tuck guy a forum. His taxes are over 30% less than surrounding counties. You writing about his complaints just fuels his fire. And part of the BOS listens to this guy.

    Scarlett Johansson would show up on his doorstep and he would complain that he does not like blonds.

    People like him will always be miserable.

    If he does not want to pay taxes, paint his door yellow to let the police and fire know that they are not to provide services to him. I’m sure the crooks in the area would not mind.

  • dantelvock

    I am an equal opportunity blogger.

  • therestofthestory

    how about you meet Tuck and I some Saturday morning?…or you can continue hiding>

  • thelama

    No matter how Tuck tries to spin this thing with percentages or his so-called logic, there is no denying that among the top-10 most populous counties in the Commonwealth – and Spotsy is the 8th largest – Spotsy’s tax rate at .62 is the lowest.
    Fairfax – .92
    Pr Will – .97
    Ches’fld – .95
    Henrico – .87
    Loudon – 1.14
    Arl – .848
    Stafford – .84
    Albemarle – .71
    Hanover – .81

    Again, for those who are finding this hard to comprehend, Spotsy’s tax is the lowest among the 10 most populous counties. That’s the bottom line.

  • siewillow

    More to ponder..
    Of the counties in Lama’s top 10 list-
    (according to Us Census Info) 4 have lower median household income and Higher percentage of people living below poverty level, than Spotsy.

    Chesterfield,Henrico,Arlington and Albermarle.

    I think they should lower their tax rates !

    IMO Spotsylvania should have equalized our tax rate and start paying more attention to real needs and less to “wants”.