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HCA Could Have Saved Stonewall?

Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors Chairman Jerry Logan was a guest speaker during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center yesterday.

He talked about the Civil War fighters who fell here in Spotsylvania.

“During the Civil War, could you imagine if there had been a facility like this new facility coming up, the death and the carnage and maybe even the death of Stonewall Jackson would have turned out totally different,” he said.


People actually laughed when he said this, but Mr. Logan was serious — Stonewall Jackson could have lived through his wounds if HCA existed in 1863.


How would HCA have been able to save Jackson without the modern technology and medical knowledge there is today? HCA nurses would have still had to amputate his arm, and Jackson would have still caught pneumonia because of the misdiagnosis that his sore chest was an injury caused  by his evacuation. 

But it appears Logan was considering the impossible, that such medical knowledge and technology could have existed in the Civil War era to save these fighters from the grips of death:

“If we look at where medical science has come from back in the Civil War era, if you are a student of that, you know exactly what I am talking about,” Logan continued. “And to imagine now that this state-of-the art facility is coming to Spotsylvania County and be right here on hallowed ground and serve the people of Spotsylvania County in a way that we’ve never been served before is something the Board of Supervisors and I am sure all the citizens of Spotsylvania County are very much rejoicing  today and  looking forward to coming back to the ribbon cutting as well.”

How’s that for a groundbreaking speech?


  • therestofthestory

    by this idiot’s critique. He hasn’t had an original idea in his time spent at the paper. His writing is awful and he is biased. Maybe if Mr. Connors had made the speech he would have liked it.

  • lgross

    well.. I think it did have a bit of a blather aspect to it.

    I think I heard Mr. Mashall allude to how that hospital would improve the lives of Spotsylvania citizens.. not a bad vision….

  • lgross

    I was hoping to see some reporting on some of the major changes that are playing out with regard to transportation… impact fees, Urban Development Districts, subdivision connectivity and access management.

    For the guys who have been on the board for 2 or more election cycles – they should, at this point, be more more aware of just how expensive and transportation impacts are when new growth is contemplated and/or approved.

    Approved growth has ..very long term impacts.. that are not fixed quickly, cheaply or easily.

    Spotsylvania is still reeling .. transportation-wise from it’s hey days of approving growth at a 6%+ rate.

    Hopefully, the combination of the housing burp and these new regs.. will help them get their transportation/land-use house in order…. when considering new growth.

  • dantelvock


    Lighten up a bit. I wasn’t being critical. I just found it humorous.

  • thelama

    Were you there? I talked to people who were there, and they thought the comments were a little peculiar. And what’s with your comments about Mr. Connors? I’ve seen you mention him many times before, as if you’re obsessed with him. If I didn’t know better, I think you may have a crush on him. I hate to break it to you, but he’s married….

  • gramps

    feeling about the BOS (and others) is not alleviated by Mr. Logan’s medical sci fi ramblings here. gramps aka Bill Haas.