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Did Supervisor Hap Connors Save Supervisor Gary Jackson’s Political Tail?

During the Board of Supervisors break last night, and after they had adopted the 62-cent tax rate, I approached Fire and Rescue Chief Chris Eudailey to ask him about the staffing concerns he and others have with the new station in the Salem District that will soon open.

Rewind back to the April 1 public hearing and watch the video below of the president of the Spotsylvania Career Firefighter’s Association calling out Supervisor Gary Jackson.

Mr. Jackson was steadfast in not raising the tax rate, joining Supervisor Jerry Logan. But will it come at a cost more than that 6-cent tax rate he voted against?

Now fast-forward to last night.

I asked Mr. Eudailey about this staffing and it appeared that supervisors were not going to add the $575,000 necessary for eight additional career personnel. He said that the volunteers at Chancellor agreed to staff it nights and weekends. But day staffing was going to be a problem without these positions.

The county board came back to session and went through four public hearings before it returned back to the budget for adoption.

Then Supervisor Hap Connors, who made a ton of cuts to the budget to help social services and public safety, stepped up to the plate again when he asked that $575,000 be appropriated to fund these jobs.

Mr. Eudailey left a happy man.

And Mr. Connors may very well have saved Mr. Jackson’s political tail.




  • gramps

    that is very interesting.

    gramps aka Bill Haas

  • lgross

    Spotsylvania wants to improve it’s levels of services but we have a disconnect in the process –

    Mr. Jackson is not opposed to better services for citizens – never has been.

    The budget process we have now for public safety and schools is something along the lines of .. if we don’t fully fund the REQUEST – harm will result.

    this is totally bogus.

    The fire and rescue and sheriff and the schools are not going to close up shop and go away.

    but we always seems to get vague dark hints of bad stuff if we don’t fully fund – what?

    what is it that we are supposed to be fully funding?

    Is it to maintain EXISTING levels of services?

    Is it to improve the LOS?

    Is it to keep it from falling behind?

    In lean budget times -there is absolutely nothing wrong with MAINAINING… then in good times advance.

  • southwest

    No, Mr. Connors did not save Mr. Jackson’s political career. Just look at Mr. Jackson’s voting record. He voted against Mr. Connors motion to staff the firehouse in his own district. I hope the voters Mr. jackson’s distrct remember this at the next election……I’m sure Mr. Jackson will claim that he “supports public safety” Just look at the record……the record does not lie.

  • Fireman4Spotsy

    Just for those who are not involved with Public Safety in Spotyslvania County. If you look back a few years ago and take Mr. Jackson’s commits on Fire & Rescue Personnel leaving here to work for other departments. “I-95 runs north and south, if you don’t like it here.” Also something to remember is that the Board of Supervisors approved that by July 1, 2009 all Fire and EMS Stations in the county would be staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. Its not even close…