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Social Services Budget

As I was writing my deadline story on the budget public hearing last night, I completely missed this man talking in favor of additional Social Services funding. But my camera was on, and I edited his speech down to some basic points that he made.

Here is a summary of what the director of the department asked for in the fiscal year 2009 budget:

1. Two social workers for child protective cases, $137,988 including all benefits

2. Two eligibility workers, $188,786 including all benefits

3. Community Action Partner Network, $134,000

4. Social worker for welfare reform, $69,34 including all benefits

5. Clerk, $47,863 including all benefits

6. Rappahannock Teen Abstinence Program, $7,100

7. SERVE program, $30,000

8. Security System, $25,000

The requested budget amount was $6.8 million.

The recommended funding level is $5.9 million.

The proposed fiscal year 2009 budget, at the 62-cent tax levy, does not recommend any funding for new positions or initiatives. I am sure this is what brought this gentleman to speak last night.