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Silver Critical Of Mary Lee Carter Story

This story has apparently upset some people with the Silver Cos.

Jud Honaker wrote this letter to the editor today that is critical of the article. 

Just thought I’d share this with you all in case you missed it.  


  • lgross

    well.. the more cynical or perhaps the more politically-realistic would point out that anyone who is an appointed member of the CTB – the group that plays a key role in what road projects in Virginia go forward or not – is not likely to be slammed by any developer who has property that could further benefit from proposed road infrastructure – supported by the CTB.

    Some of the angst from the slow-growth folks with respect to Carter – involved the perception that she was more than willing to approve growth that would have significant impacts on traffic and congestion .. without a clear plan for upgrading the impacted roads.

    So – the issue was not growth per se – it was growth without dealing with the inevitable consequences. Approving growth without requiring adequate transportation proffers.

  • lgross

    Major rezones were routinely supported and the traffic impacts were said to be “VDOT’s responsibility” even though it was (and is) widely known that the number of projects that VDOT was supposed to build far, far outnumbered their financial resources so those projects were (and are) little more than paper promises.

    The question is – if you are a BOS .. considering a rezone that has clear transportation impacts that cannot be ignored – and you vote in favor of such projects knowing full well that there will be adverse impacts and no money to fix them…

    should such a person be considered responsible with respect to decisions about growth?

    We continue to have elected folks that continue to believe that rezone decisions should be independent from concrete plans to mitigate the impacts.