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Staying Active in Government

I will admit, this is an old video. But I finally figured out the video-to-blog task and I am really happy about it.

I recorded it at the first meeting in February for the Planning Commission. At this time, Supervisor Gary Skinner had not made his appointment of Mary Lee Carter official, and Kevin Leahy’s term expired.

But Leahy was a member of the audience. In fact, it was just us two present at the meeting! I figured he was going to be replaced, so I did a short interview with him on camera. He basically says he plans to stay active in local government, which is a good thing for people to do.





  • johnfgustafson

    Kevin Leahy surely is committed to our County. In my four years serving with him, he showed much passion for design standards, affordable housing, protecting open space, combating sprawl, and low impact development. Even when our votes differed, I just had to respect the man and his opinion, for he earned it every time he fought for his county. He will be missed as a Commissioner, but I just know we will see and hear from him a great deal by email and during citizen input at public hearings.

  • Fredtastic

    I agree with John’s post – Kevin was an outstanding commissioner who deserves better than to be ousted for political reasons. I’m glad that he is going to remain involved, but he will be missed.