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Vote on Mary Lee Carter appointment tomorrow

Gary Skinner is asking supervisors tomorrow to approve an appointment of Mary Lee Carter to the Planning Commission.

Including online with the agenda is her resume, which you can view here.  

Gary sent me an e-mail last week with his statement:


"After careful consideration, I am nominating former Supervisor Mary Lee Carter to serve on the Spotsylvania County Planning Commission.  She will replace Kevin Leahy, who I am nominating to serve on the county’s Economic Development Authority (EDA).

Mrs. Carter has years of experience, and was reappointed by Governor Kaine to serve on the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in 2006.  With the many transportation related challenges facing Spotsylvania.  I believe it is important, and very much to the county’s advantage, to have a CTB member serving on our Planning Commission.  I look forward to working with Mrs. Carter as she helps us find solutions to many planning-related challenges our county faces."


I interviewed Kevin Leahy on camera last week, but I cannot get the darn footage to work on my computer. That resulted in days of tech work and it still doesn’t work. Microsoft is evil. Hopefully, everything will be working very soon. But, Leahy basically said that he enjoyed his four years on the Planning Commission. He said he plans to remain active, and attend meetings. He is very interested in the commercial design standards and the updates to the comprehensive land use plan. Gary Skinner has asked Leahy to serve on the Economic Development Authority. 




  • Fredtastic

    Kevin Leahy was a great Planning Commissioner and i think it’s a poor decision by Skinner to replace him. Seems pretty political to me.

  • lgross

    WAIT! of in the distance.. very faintly… do I hear someone uttering “What goes around – comes around”.


  • johnfgustafson

    Kevin was a very good Planning Commissioner. He did his homework and he has passion. I was very impressed by him, even though we sometimes had different opinions on the way to achieve the same goal. Kevin will be a real asset with the EDA, so we are far from done with what he will be giving our County. Stay tuned … Kevin will never disappoint.

  • gramps

    Ms. Carter is to Spotsylvania as Ms. Clinton is to Washington….Ain’t we had enough of her?