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Budget Presentation Tomorrow

County Administrator Randy Wheeler will present the fiscal year 2009 draft budget to supervisors tomorrow during a work session. With a $5.5 million deficit already this fiscal year, it will be interesting to see what this budget contains.

There’s absolutely ZERO information available on the budget right now. I asked for a copy of the draft and I was told that "it’s being printed."

Here are the questions I am going to try and get answered for you:

1. Any proposed tax increase?

2. Budget total and budget percentage increase proposed?

3. Any county employee raises? How much?

4. Any other fee or tax increases proposed?

5. Any delay in capital/road projects, or any initiatives on hold because of lower revenue?

6. Any major department cuts proposed?

7. Revenue projection difference from the current budget. How much less in sales tax and property tax?

8. Using an reserve funds?

If you have a question you want to to try and get answered, e-mail it to me. Of course, I will post what I get during Tuesday’s county board meeting.




  • lgross

    No specific suggestion but a note of thanks for asking the questions and reporting the answers.

    Some folks think the MM is done and will be replaced with Blogs but being a reporter.. is different than being a blogger – in terms of due diligence. One of them you do as your job duties and the other you do .. according to your own interests… so Thank You Dan. :-)

  • gramps

    to lgross comments. Thanks