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Some Spotsy Homes Without Water: Why?

At least 15  homes are without water service after three mains broke in Spotsylvania County.

Spotsylvania Utilities Director Thomas Slaydon said water service had to be shut off to repair the mains.

Steeplechase Apartments at Breezewood, Spotswood Estates and Stoneybrook subdivision were affected. According to a press release on the county’s Web page, one home on

Butternut Court and  six  homes on Juniper Court were without water. These streets are located off of Lafayette Boulevard.

Slaydon said corrosion on bolts for a service saddle, which is a fitting that is enclosed around the main water line, allowed it to come loose.

At Steeplechase Apartments, Slaydon said the water main is deeper into the ground, which poses more safety problems.

“It just takes awhile to unearth the line,” Slaydon said.

On Robin Lane in Stoneybrooke, Slaydon said a 2-inch cast-iron line snapped. The bad section needs to be cut out and a new section will be clamped in place of it. Robin Lane is off Courthouse Road and Wild Turkey Drive.  Fixing the broken water mains is not a tough task, he said. Protecting the water from contamination is a bit more trickier.  

“We do a whole lot of things to make sure we don’t contaminate the water in the pipe,” he said.

The main near Steeplechase Apartments will be repaired by 6 p.m.; the one near Spotswood Estates will be repaired by 5  p.m.; and the one near Stoneybrooke  will be repaired by 3 p.m.