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Will The Citizen Budget Advisory Committee Continue On Anyway?

For some background on this post, you can read this story.

I got a hold of an e-mail today stating the chairman of the now-defunct Citizens Budget Advisory Committee, Greg Cebula, wants to continue the group’s work anyway. Supervisors earlier this month voted 6-1 to dissolve the the committee of its duties. In the e-mail, Cebular urges the other members to continue their work as a watchdog committee to keep tabs on the school system’s and county budget. He plans to speak during the county board’s public comments period on March 11.

"One thing the BOS may regret is that as a result of their action we are now unconstrained , except for common courtesy and professional respect," Cebulla wrote.   

The residents who served on this committee obviously have the right to continue this volunteerism, as one anonymous person posted in the comment section for the story I provided as background for this post. It will be interesting to see if they do in fact continue their work and what they end up presenting during public comment periods of board meetings.  


  • lgross

    The law requires the budget to be provided but the law does not require them to do it in a way that ordinary citizens can understand and/or to extract and highlight things particularly relevant to those concerned about cost effectiveness.

    A group of folks with the proper skills to do this – would be helpful to many citizens who can’t make heads nor tails of the budget as currently provided.

    Some BOS folks apparently think that taxpayers are “divisive” when asking for more accountability…

  • gramps

    from my perspective. However, I would encourage the “committee” to make their comments available to a wider audience than just the BOS meeting. I also agree with lgross that these folks may be able to “see” things us ordinary folks cannot.

  • heckman

    Agree that their continued service will help us all. But it will also be tempered by the knowledge that the group is almost a PAC with a particular bent toward county services. None the less, they can help set and frame the issues at hand. GO TEAM!