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Planning Commission Rumblings

It’s is very possible that one of the most progressive planning commissioners–Kevin Leahy– won’t be back. The word on the street is that Supervisor Gary Skinner is reviewing a list of possible candidates, one of whom is former Lee Hill supervisor Mary Lee Carter, but Leahy isn’t likely to return. Of course, Gary Skinner makes the final decision and who knows what he plans to do. Supervisors would then vote on his appointment, likely to come at the Feb. 12 meeting. He wasn’t ready to answer that question when I asked him Friday. Mrs. Carter and Gary Skinner are friends. They drove together to the ribbon-cutting of the new fire-rescue station 4 for the Four-Mile Fork area. (Gary told me Thursday that they didn’t drive together; they just left together to get coffee and chat and he drove Mary Lee back to the station, so I stand corrected). 

Mrs. Carter lost a re-election bid to Vince Onorato. Development and growth were the top issues for that race and Onorato campaigned on a message that he would rein in rampant growth.

Well, residential growth sure has slowed here, but it’s because of a real bad housing market. Supervisors haven’t had any major residential rezonings come through since November 2007. Tricord’s Summit Crossing is working its way through the process now.

Supervisor Jerry Logan appointed Cliff Vaughn to the Planning Commission, replacing Hugh Montgomery, who asked for a break. Hugh also is a progressive thinker on the commission. Vaughn served more than 10 years on the Town of Leesburg Planning Commission. I worked in Leesburg while he was there. He has a lot of experience with high-growth communities.

Benjamin Pitts appointed C. Travis Bullock to replace D. Wayne Ervin. Ervin has served on the commission since 1997. Ervin and Montgomery (appointed in 1996) had more than 20 total years of experience on this panel. That’s a lot of knowledge gone.

According to Bullock’s resume, he is the assistant vice president at National Bank of Fredericksburg. He also is an active coach for sports. He has actively served on the Parks and Recreation Committee, too.

Supervisor T.C. Waddy re-appointed Robert Taylor.

The Planning Commission meets again Feb. 6. The supervisors meet Feb. 12. This means that Kevin Leahy’s seat will be empty because his term expires Jan. 31.




  • coffee1

    You have to be kidding Mary Lee Carter again, I thougth we had gotten rid of her, well it stands to reason with what is going on the county now, no big surprise, maybe they can put their relatives on the remaining committee, what a joke.

  • lgross

    speechless here… :-)

  • gramps

    Mr. Skinner should appoint THE MOST QUALIFIED person he can find. I really question wheter Ms. Carter fits that prescription.