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Bloom in Lake Anna?

On the Spotsylvania Community forum, a person asked here if there are plans for a Bloom grocery story near Lake Anna.

The short answer is no, there is not a rezoning application filed with the Planning Department for any grocery store in that location. But you can check my full answer at the forum. 

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  • lgross

    Lake Anna has a number of folks who want to see Commercial Growth occur not only as an amenity to the folks who live and play at Lake Anna but to help generate more revenues but the hitch has been getting water/sewer approved.

    If not mistaken.. options for a sewage treatment plant permit are problematic given Dominion’s Powers previous permit to only be required to release 40cfs into the North Anna.

    that means that a treatment plant capable of handling commercial volume wastewater is tough…

  • dantelvock

    Yes, Larry, you are right. Putting water and sewer out there is a double edge sword: you would get your grocery store and bank, but you may also get 5,000 homes. Not sure that’s what Lake Anna folks want. This is one major reason the Planning Commission sent the comp plan with no recommendation. A few were upset that commercial opportunities were lacking for the rural spots in the comp plan. We’ll see what supervisors do as the plan is now in their laps.

  • lgross

    seem like I remember one of the citizen Comp Plan meetings (held at the Lake Anna Winery) was fairly well dominated by a group advocating for water/sewer for commercial and they wanted help from the county with DEQ and with financing.

    They were claiming that DEQ would not allow a discharge permit into North Anna and wanted a line coming from Thornburg up 208 to Lake Anna IIRC.