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Bacon’s Rebellion Blogs On TIF

Bacon’s Rebellion, a respected blog that focuses on growth commentary and transportation, has a blog up here about my Summit Crossing story. You can read my Summit Crossing story here.

Neither of the articles is attracting many comments, but I am sure a lot of people have read both.



  • lgross

    Quite a bit of the discussion on BR revolves around growth and development, transportation, schools and infrastructure and how to build and maintain adequate infrastructure.

    There are multiple bills in this years GA that deal with these issues including one that seeks to remove the ability of localities to obtain cash proffers and to replace them with state-regulated impact fees that will also be capped.

    such bills, passed.. could affect projects like Summit Crossing.

  • dantelvock

    I tried to reply but I wrote too much! I will blog about this tomorrow. I have to pre-write a story. The budget shortfall here has gotten worse. Stay tuned

  • lgross

    yeah.. if you look at your blog page.. you’ll see RSS for this one BLOG topic only … as opposed to RSS for your whole BLOG.

  • therestofthestory

    Hi Larry…still at it huh…I thought you had given up on this area. You should, it’s a lost cause.

  • lgross

    given up? Not at all…

    Dan – the article was a good article but it basically beat around the bush a little about what TIF is.

    TIF is taxpayer-subsidized development.

    The folks inside the TIF pay no county taxes for their services and instead all the taxpayers outside of the TIF district pay extra taxes to make up the loss of tax revenue.

    TIFs originally used to redevelop blighted properties as an incentive for developers to undertake a risky involvement.

    TIFs for Greenfield Development ?? bad idea..