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Powell’s World’s Best Hot Dogs and MoJo

I meet Thursday with the owners of Powell’s at the corner of Lafayette and Harrison. They are redeveloping that corner. I wanted to see if they have good hot dogs. I will be there at about Noon, if anyone cares to meet me. I will turn this into a multi-media project hopefully.

A few co-workers told me that they used to stop at Powell’s on their way to the drive-in movie theater that is long gone.  Who else has a Powell’s story? E-mail it to me at or call me at 374-5438.

It appears I also have at least two people interested in blogging with me. One is a high school senior in Spotsy. A Tricord representative also may join the ranks of blogging. Personally, I think a developer’s perspective would be helpful for  a lot of people and a high school senior would bring younger people into the mix.

But the goal here is to engage debate, get people to read the newspaper, read the Web page and participate.

Look for more developments in the coming weeks on FUG and the Spotsylvania Community section. To see that section of the Web page now, do this: Go here first. See at the top under the banner: The Free Lance-Star, Entertainment, Community, Fred Talk, etc. Hit Community and select Spotsylvania. You should come to this page. At the top of the page is my mug shot. That’s this, my blog. Below it are all Spotsylvania-centric stories, mostly written by me.

To the right it says: Latest Spotsylvania FredTalk posts. FredTalk is a forum, FUG. I strongly urge you to sign up for an account. I hope to transform the Spotsy section into a source for more news. Have something you want answered? Ask it in that forum and I will seek the answer. Have a problem? Post it there and I will see if I can help. Have a good story to tell for the newspaper? Post it, and I will find the rest. 

All of that is part of this roaming journalism/citizen journalism project. So bookmark all of those pages. Comment often. Call me often. E-mail tips. Together, we can make and break news, but I need your help. Don’t be shy now. I cannot write about it if you don’t tell me. 




  • lgross

    Dan – it would be nice to turn on RSS for FredTalk

    also.. very good article on the Tricord TIF proposal….

    how long have you had this Blog? I just stumbled onto it.

  • dantelvock

    lgross, not sure what you mean about the RSS for FredTalk, but I sent the concern to the Web people. Thanks for the compliment on the TIF story. I started this blog about 5 months ago and it should transform into a decent source of breaking news and general news in the coming months. Check often. A lot will be changing for the Spotsy COmmunity section soon.

  • johnfgustafson

    lgross, I refer to Dan’s blog a few times every day. I find it another valuable source of news with background, and also resident feedback. Dan’s a proactive and aggressive reporter, so it’s good to try to keep up with him in the FLS newspaper, as well as his on-line reporting and commentary. Good reporting stimulates thought and opinion. Please contribute to this blog as your mind and heart lead you.

  • lgross

    Thanks John.

    I think Dan’s Blog has the potential to be an important community forum for Spotsylvania and hope to see it expand with many voices, ideas, opinions….

    (but I would like to see it RSSed… as it’s an excellent way to know when something new has been posted instead of having to “check in” a lot.

    I’d like to see the Spotsy Government Web Page also RSSed especially for meetings, agnedas and minutes.