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Another resolution from Spotsy supervisors

Dear General Assembly,

Please prepare for another resolution about transportation courtesy of the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors.

Every General Assembly session, supervisors create a list of legislative priorities that they hope state lawmakers can address. The top on the list this year is: Spotsylvania County supports continued and enhanced state allocations for County and regional transportation projects, in pursuit of construction and maintenance of primary and secondary roadways realized in a timely manner. 

Gov. Tim Kaine has proposed to take $180 million from transportation funding to pay for other state services. You can read a story about the situation here.  

Kaine says the money will be returned to the budget in 2010, but that the projects it’s earmarked for aren’t ready to be built yet and using the money now is better than having it sit around waiting. He also noted that the money isn’t in the Transportation Trust Fund, it’s in the general fund.

At tomorrow night’s county board meeting, supervisors have a resolution to oppose Kaine’s proposal. You can read the resolution here.  The executive summary of the resolution doesn’t say which supervisor asked for the resolution.  That summary says:

At the January 8, 2008 Board meeting, staff was directed to prepare a Resolution expressing opposition to the use of Virginia transportation funds for non-transportation purposes.




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    Supervisor Benjamin Pitts was the supervisor who asked staff to prepare the resolution asking that transportation funds not be removed from the state transportation fund to balance the state budget.